Sylvester (Syl) Di Diego

Sylvester (Syl) Di Diego is professional Strategist, Consultant (Management, Venture, Digital), and Coach who serves entrepreneurs as well as innovation champions, teams, and organizations across the venture lifecycle. He is an accomplished Management Consultant, Venture Consultant, Digital Consultant and former Fortune 500 executive (marketing, operations, supply chain, finance, investment and C-Suite/Board Advisor). Syl works at all business stages – from concept to implementation and turnaround; with entrepreneurs, small business owners, venture-backed companies, and corporate subsidiaries; and across business ecosystems.

Syl has worked for clients in USA, Canada, Japan, S. Korea, China, Thailand, Pakistan, Brazil, Peru, and Mexico. He speaks English (native) and Japanese (business).

Option 1 | FoR Entrepreneurs with Own Idea or Business

Sylvester is a great resource when you seek business success with your own strategic initiative, invention, technology, app, webshop, platform, product, business, project, platform, or marketplace. He helps clients with startups, spinouts, launch, finance, scale, pivot, reset, and turnaround.

option 2 | For Global ONLINE Shopping Platform ownership (Free)

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Option 1 | For Entrepreneurs with Own Idea

Coach, Advisor & Consultant | for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Small Businesses

Syl Di Diego Entrepreneur Coach
Syl Di Diego, Coach for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Small Businesses

Syl Di Diego serves as coach, advisor, and consultant to inventors, entrepreneurs, startups, small business owners, investors, incubators, accelerators, and non-profit leaders.

Experience: over 20 years.


Services include technology commercialization, strategic planning, business plans, go to market, strategic alliances, financial models and forecasts, capital raising guidance, strategy implementations, and project management.

Syl also serves as innovation facilitator for problem solving, product development, business planning, board decision making and more

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Digital & eCommerce Consultant & Strategist

Digital & eCommerce
Syl Di Diego, Digital & eCommerce Consultant

Sylvester serves as Digital & eCommerce Consultant or Project Manager for small business owners, project teams of corporations, and for executives of invested companies.

Experience: over 20 years.


As Digital and eCommerce Consultant, Sylvester leads project teams (agile and waterfall) to conceive, design, build, test, launch, and improve apps, websites, webshops, and platforms – including the digital front and back-ends, app integrations, sourcing, fulfillment, payments and with strategic partners. Syl is also active for other digital project needs – including for strategy, design, build/programming, and project reset. He is also involved with digital transformation projects with cross-functional and cross-border teams, organizations, and ecosystems.

  • Serves clients directly through Upwork as Top Talent.
  • Serves clients directly as independent freelancer.
  • Served clients in past as employee of Scient/Razorfish – a publicly listed eBusiness Accelerator/Consultancy and now Digital Agency.
  • Served clients in past as business owner of Strategy Dynamix, LLC.


  • (Recent) Signature agile project management role for Unilever Food Solutions Group North America for external eCommerce Shopify Sites USA and Canada and internal digital transformation projects.
  • (Past) 1st eCommerce investment $1 Million recommendation in “Virtual Vineyards” California by Mitsubishi Corporation. Exit via acquisition by Wine.com.

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Accelerator and Incubator Services

Sylvester provides various customized services to state, university, and privately owned incubators and accelerators with a focus on technology commercialization, grants, capital fund raising, business planning, go-to-market, sales planning, and venture leadership training.

Syl Di Diego, Incubator & Accelerator Services

Examples of Signature Multi-Year Programs:

  • Venture Business Plan Coach at Enterprise Development Center (EDC) Incubator, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, New Jersey (served 70 incubator tenants over 4 years).
  • Program Director, Co-Founder, Curriculum Design & Venture CEO Trainer at Mitsubishi Corporation “Venture Catalyst Program” a 20 day corporate training program in USA.

Executive & Board Advisor / Strategist | Board Member

Sylvester serves executives and board members in the areas of strategy, decision making, alignment, strategic alliances, and exits.

Syl Di Diego, CEO & Board Advisory

Advisor as Professional Consultant:

  • (Present) Serve clients directly through Upwork and as freelancer through Strategic Digital Ventures.
  • (Past) Sylvester served as CEO Advisor, management consultant, and engagement manager as: employee of a publicly listed accelerator (SCIENT/Razorfish), as owner of private accelerator service provider (Strategy Dynamix, LLC) and as owner of private Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) transplant service consultancy (Strategy Dynamix Services, LLC)

Advisor as Fortune 500 executive (past):

  • As employee internal advisor to Chairman’s Office Americas and as employee staff to Corporate Global Investment Board (Americas and Global) of Mitsubishi Corporation – a global Fortune 500 company and its 500 global subsidiaries, Sylvester provided strategic, governance, finance, operations, strategic alliance insights, due diligence, investment recommendations, management consulting, monitoring, and portfolio financial performance enhancement services.

Board/Committee Roles (past):

  • Advisory Board Member, Center for International Business & Education (USA) at RVCC
  • Chair & Co-Founder: Consul Program NJ for Life Sciences, Health, Wellness
  • Church Board Ruling Elder, Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church, NJ USA
  • Board Member and Strategy Committee Member, United Methodist Church, NJ USA
  • Corporate Board Appointed Member, Mitsubishi Pension Committee (USA)
  • Sub-Committee Leader: FDI to Japan, American Chamber of Commerce in Japan
  • Corporate Appointed Member, Mitsubishi Bank Forum Emerging Global Leaders Program (Japan)
  • Corporate Appointed Member, Leadership New York 3 (NYC Partnership & Coro Foundation)
  • Board Member, Mitsubishi Foundation (USA)
  • Board Member, Mitsubishi Pension (USA)
  • Board Member, Mitsubishi 401K Management Committee (USA)

Speaker & Master of Ceremonies

Syl Di Diego, Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, Trainer

Syl Di Diego is a professional speaker, Master of Ceremonies (MC), and trainer.

He serves incubators, business organizations, business associations/networks, small and large companies, incubators, accelerators, and non-profits.

Experience: over 20 years.

Representative Speaking Keynotes

  • American Chamber of Commerce in Japan – Invest in USA Committee
  • Atomy America, Inc. Success Academy
  • Japan Society of Alabama
  • Latin Trade Magazine Logistics Conference
  • Mitsubishi International Corp. – General Manager Leadership Program
  • National Association of Plastic Manufacturers Annual Conference
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Rotary Club of Japan (Japanese)
  • The Wharton School

Venture CEO/Entrepreneur Leadership Programs | Program Manager, Instructional Design, and Trainer

  • Mitsubishi Corporation Venture Catalyst Program (20 modules)
  • New Jersey EDA Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies (20+ modules)


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